Accommodation with dogs

Forest cottage Hubertka

Bily Potok

Forest cottage Hubertka is located in the forests of the Jizera Mountains, at the crossroads of hiking trails east from Spa Libverda and north of village Bily Potok. The cottage is popular among cyclists, because of the proximity of Singltrek. In winter the cottage attend cross-country skiing lovers. Cottage offers cheap accommodation of tourist type. Railway station Bily Potok pod Smrkem is 2.7 km far from cottage.

Apartments Pod spalenou hospodou

Nove Mesto pod Smrkem

Apartments Pod spalenou hospodou is located in a silent part of town Nove Mesto pod Smrkem, next to the road that leads to the place of singletrack (750 m), as well as to the source of mineral water (1,5 km). The apartments are available all year round by car (private parking), bus is 650 meters and is train 1 km far from apartments.

Cottage Piktych

Lazne Libverda

The Piktych chalet offers accommodation in the beautiful surroundings of the Jizera Mountains, in the village of Lázně Libverda.

Pension Butonia


The Butonia guesthouse offers accommodation in the village of Kořenov, which is located on the border of two regions – the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains, between the towns of Tanvald and Harrachov.

Pension Protěž***

Lazne Libverda

Pension Protez offers accommodation in spa town Libverda. Pension is located near the boarding place on the popular cycling route Singeltrek in Jizera Mountains – near restaurant Giant barrel.

Pytloun Travel Hotel*** Liberec


The Pytloun Travel Hotel*** Liberec offers high-quality accommodation in a quiet part of the city of Liberec, in the Jizera Mountains region.

Pytloun City Boutique Hotel****


Pytloun City Boutique Hotel**** offers accommodation in the center of Liberec, in region Jizera Mountains.

Pension Jitka


Pension Jitka offers accommodation in town Šimonovice, in a beautiful area of Jizera Mountains - Jizerské hory. The guest house Jitka is located in a small village just 8 km from the center of Liberec, which offers several tourist destinations such as Babylon Entertainment Center, science center IQ Park and newly opened Dino Park. Pension Jitka is also distanced less than 2 kilometers from the area Obří sud Javorník with the slope or bobsled track.

Cottage Hvězda


Cottage Hvězda offers accommodation in town Kořenov, between region´s Jizera Mountains and Giant Mountains.

Pension Tip


Pension Tip offers accommodation in region Jizera Mountains (Jizerske hory), in the peaceful place on the outskirts of Liberec and under the local view point Ještěd. The boarding house is well situated so that access to the city centre as well as to nature (Sport centre Ještěd) is quite close.

Camp and natural bathing establishment Nové Město pod Smrkem

Nove Mesto pod Smrkem

Camping in Novém Městě pod Smrkem is located under the highest peak of the Jizera Mountains - Smrk. Novém Městě pod Smrkem lies on the border of the northern side of Jizera Mountains and Frýdlatsko area.

Pension U zvonku


The U zvonku guesthouse offers accommodation on the border of two regions – the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains, in the village of Příchovice.

Guest house Jana Hübnerová

Albrechtice v Jizerskych horach

Guest house Jana Hübnerová offers accommodation to the protected landscape area of the Jizera Mountains, to the touristic area of ALBRECHTICEAlbrechtice v Jizerských horách near Tanvald. Albrechtice in the Jizera Mountains are situated in the middle of beautiful forests and nature. Pension offers for guests discount card Jizerky Card free.

Apartments U městských lázní

Nove Mesto pod Smrkem

Apartments U městských lázní are located in the building of the City spa in Nové Město pod Smrkem, in region Jizera Mountains. Apartments next to the campsite and tourist accommodation supplement offer cheap accommodation in Nové Město pod Smrkem. Offer accommodation is ideal for families with children and cyclists.

Tourist hostel U Školy

Nove Mesto pod Smrkem

Hostel U školy is located in town Nové Město pod Smrkem, in the Jizera Mountains region. It offers cheap accommodation in the tourist service standard. It is the ideal accommodation for schools, hikers and cyclists.

Hotel U Dubu

Albrechtice v Jizerskych horach

The Hotel U Dubu offers accommodation all year round in the Jizera Mountains region, in the town of Tanvald. It is located in the valley of the river Kamenice, below the southern slopes of Tanvaldský Špičák.

Pension Mája, Josefův Důl

Josefuv Dul

The Mája family guesthouse and restaurant offers accommodation in the village of Josefův Důl, in a recreational resort in the east of the Jizera Mountains.

Cottage Bajama


The Bajama chalet offers accommodation in the village of Bedřichov, which is one of the most popular recreational resorts in the Jizera Mountains. It is located not far from the towns of Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec.

Pension Selský Dvůr, Raspenava


Pension Selský Dvůr offers accommodation in town Raspenava, in region Frydlant Region.

Privat Apartma Ulrych


Privat Apartma Ulrych offers accommodation in city Liberec (Machnin), in region Jizera Mountains (Jizerske hory).