Barrier-free accommodation

Pension Jitka


Pension Jitka offers accommodation in town Šimonovice, in a beautiful area of Jizera Mountains - Jizerské hory. The guest house Jitka is located in a small village just 8 km from the center of Liberec, which offers several tourist destinations such as Babylon Entertainment Center, science center IQ Park and newly opened Dino Park. Pension Jitka is also distanced less than 2 kilometers from the area Obří sud Javorník with the slope or bobsled track.

Pension UKO


Pension UKO offers accommodation in the protected landscape region of the Jizera Mountains, in town Bedřichov. The guesthouse sits at the crossroads of the three roads from Liberec, Jablonec and Josefov Dul.

Pension Akron

Albrechtice v Jizerskych horach

Pension Akron offers accommodation in a quiet part of town Tanvaldu, in the area called Žďár. The best approach to the house is through the village Desna in Jizera Mountains. In case of arrival for help autonavigace advised to enter Tanvald, number 106. House number 106 is adjacent to the pension Akron.