Outdoor swimming pools

Harcov Dam


The dam is located at the centre of the city of Liberec, it is a popular destination not only for swimming but for walks as well.

Reservoir Mšeno - Jablonecká Dam

Jablonec nad Nisou

The reservoir in the centre of Jablonec nad Nisou is very popular.

Teichmuehle - Tajch Pond


Teichmühle Pond is located in the Liberec suburb called Vesec.

Mlýnická Dam


The water reservoir named Mlýnice was built at the border between Mníšek and Nová Ves in 1906.

Fojtecká Dam


The dam is located between Mníšek u Liberce and Fojtka and the water is supplied from the Fojtův Brook.

Sluníčko swimming centre


The outdoor swimming centre is situated in quiet settings on the outskirts of Liberec - Vratislavice.

Raspenava swimming centre


The recreational and sports resort in Raspenava is situated in the Frýdlant region, 6 km to the south-east of Frýdlant, on the northern slopes of the foothills of the Jizera Mountains.

Chrastava swimming centre


The swimming centre is situated beyond Chrastava, at the football pitch. Visitors can relax on green turf beaches or play beach volleyball.

Nové Město pod Smrkem swimming centre

Nove Mesto pod Smrkem

Outdoor swimming pool with grass beaches and sand bottom.

Vápenka swimming centre


The Vápenka swimming centre in Liberec was built in 1993 and is probably the oldest concrete pool in the former Czechoslovakia.

Lučany nad Nisou swimming centre

Lucany nad Nisou

The swimming pool is situated in natural settings at the edge of the village and close to a forest.

Tanvald swimming centre


The Tanvald swimming centre is situated in natural settings at the edge of Tanvald.

Hejnice swimming centre


Outdoor swimming centre with grass and sand beaches.