Protected landscape areas

Souš Dam


The Souš reservoir was built on the Česná Desná during the 1912-15 period; it flooded nearly 86 hectares.

PLA Jizerské Hory - Jizera Mountains

Jablonec nad Nisou

The region of Jizerské Hory was declared a protected landscape area in 1967. The area occupies 38,000 hectares.

Nature preserve Bukovec


A basalt mound Bukovec near Kořenov is lonely protruding from the granite massif of Jizera mountains.

Nová Louka Nature Preserve


Nová Louka is an important crossroads of tourist trails.

Velká Jizerská Louka Nature Preserve


The nature preserve called Rašeliniště Jizery - Velká Jizerská Louka - Jizera peatbog - Large Jizera Meadow, is the largest peat-bog area in the Jizerské Hory.

Prales Jizera Nature Preserve


The Prales Jizera - Virgin Forest of Jizera is the oldest nature preserve in the territory of the Jizerské Hory.

The Arboretum Bulovka


The private garden belongs to Mr and Mrs Dennenberbg, who in 1996 bought a small house with a spacious garden, which is dating back to 1890. Part of the house apart from the 2600 m2 garden, is also land counting 4.5 hectares.