Ski areals

Ski Resort Ještěd


The Ještěd Ski Resort is a new, modern skiing centre that has been completely renovated. Besides the new cable railways and ski lifts you can also find new restaurants and take-aways, ski rental shops with new equipment, a service shop and a ski school for adults and children.

Ski Resort Paseky

Paseky nad Jizerou

The Paseky nad Jizerou Ski Resort is situated approximately 2 km from Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Ski Resort Tanvaldský Špičák

Albrechtice v Jizerskych horach

The Špičák Ski Resort is located on the slopes of Mount Špičák, above Albrechtice v Jizerských horách. It is one of the best developed ski resorts in the Jizerské Hory. The top of Špičák is also known for the lookout tower and the tourist chalet.

Ski Resort Kořenov - Rejdice


The Kořenov - Rejdice Ski Resort is located on the border between the Jizerské Hory and the Krkonoše. The ski centre offers perfect conditions for downhill and cross-country skiing.

Javorník Giant Barrel Ski Centre


The modern Javorník Giant Barrel ski centre was built in 2010.

Ski Resort Bedřichov


Bedřichov is one of the most important tourist centres for winter and summer sports in the Jizerské Hory. Its calm atmosphere is appreciated by families with children. The locality is easy to access by means of the municipal transport from Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec.

Paseky nad Jizerou

Ski Resort Severák

Janov nad Nisou

The Ski Resort is situated on the slopes of Mount Severák and Mount Slovanka near Janov nad Nisou. It is easy to access by car or by bus from Jablonec nad Nisou or Bedřichov.

Ski centre U vodárny

Janov nad Nisou

Ski Resort Příchovice - U Čápa


Příchovice belongs to a smaller yet pleasant and comfortable tourist centre. It is situated at the border between the Jizerské Hory and the Krkonoše, 6 km from Harrachov.

Ski Resort Bukovka

Josefuv Dul

The Desná Ski Resort is in season 2009/10 out of service.

Ski Resort Černá Říčka


The Černá Říčka Ski Resort is a part of Desná v Jizerských horách.

Ski Resort Lucifer

Josefuv Dul

Josefův důl is situated on the eastern side of the Jizerské Hory, near Liberec, Jablonec and Tanvald. The Lucifer Ski Resort is an ideal place for the whole family - from children to experienced skiers.

Ski Resort Zásada near Jablonec nad Nisou

Jablonec nad Nisou

The Zásada Ski Resort is situated under the Černá Studnice Ridge, elevated 520 - 635 metres above sea level.

Ski lifts SKP


Length 200 m, suitable for children and families, Ski school

Ski resort Plavy


Ski resort Plavy lies near the town of Tanvald. The ski area is located on the north side of the hill Filoun, above the village Plavy.

Ski lift Bavorák


According to weather: 9 - 17 h daily, Dec - March

Ski lift Sport Ski


Ski lift Sport Ski is situated close to Cottage Sport Ski in town Kořenov, between region´s Jizera Mountains and Giant Mountains.

Ski lift Jizerský kopec


Length: 280 m, Altitude: 50 m